Month: March 2006

A good spring for Hemp

Two interesting stories come off the wire today, both good news for worldwide Hemp consumers. The first is that the Manitoba Hemp crop is booming. This is great news for Manitoba Harvest, one of the largest hemp seed and oil manufacturers in the world. With sales doubling in the U.S. in each of the past …

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Hemp as a pollution monitor

Leave it to the no-nukes, clean-living New Zealanders to find another use for the world’s most useful plant: Masters student Randall Gibson, who is doing a thesis on hemp cultivation, is taking samples from the plot planted in November to gauge nitrogen and phosphorous content. Hemp is known to be a good absorber of these …

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Hemp House on High Street

CNN has an amusing story today about a Connecticut Homeowners hemp protest. Chris Seekins has painted some large Hemp leaves on the side of his fairly nice, suburban house for all to see as they pass by. It’s making his neighbors nuts but it got chris 30 seconds on CNN to point out the ridiculousness …

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