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And now for something completely different

This entry has less to do with Hemp and more to do with the lady standing in front of me at the coffee shop this morning. Sorry, I had to vent. I’m OK now.

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Hemp History

I just stumbled across this great Cannabis time line on the BBC’s site. The emphasis is on hemp rather than the smokable kind of cannabis: 1794 Hemp becomes one of the most important agricultural products in the US. George Washington declares “make the most you can of the Indian Hemp …

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Hemp investment

This brief in the Ontario Business News should be front page news in every newspaper in the industrialized world:Industrial hemp plant seeks financial backing I hope some of our savvy Hemp.com readers see the investment opportunity here. To be a part owner in one of the few industrial hemp processing …

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“Too bad it’s got a bad rap”

If that’s not the Industrial Hemp understatement of the decade I don’t know what is! That comes from a nice little story in the Edmonton Sun today about Canadian fashion designer, and hemp fabric enthusiast, Dorothea-Christiana Naber. “Hemp is such an amazing fabric. Too bad it’s got a bad rap. …

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We missed the Hoedown!

I’m sorry people, I dropped the ball on this one. I missed last month’s Hemp Hoedown in Piedmont. Event organizers tout the benefits of hemp, a relative of the marijuana plant that is not smoked but can be used to make items including lotions, paper, clothing and burritos. “Hemp seed …

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Forbes for Hemp?

Another good mention of North Dakota’s drive toward Hemp Farming. This time in Forbes of all places. Good, that’s lending industrial Hemp the legitmacy it deserves. North Dakota is pushing ahead with plans to license state farmers to grow industrial hemp even as it tries to allay law enforcement fears …

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Sanity, thy name is North Dakota

It’s always nice when someone in a state legislature sees through all the marijuana criminalization hype and b.s. and tries to make an environmentally and economically logical decision about growing Hemp in thier state. Who’da thunk it’d be North Dakota? North Dakota is pushing ahead with plans to license state …

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