Month: June 2006

Setting the record straight

“I have said consistently that global warming is a serious problem. There’s a debate over whether it’s manmade or naturally caused,” Bush told reporters. Hemp.Com Reporter: Uhm, excuse me, Mr. President, Zak Rockstar from, no actually, you haven’t. And for that matter I can think of very few things you have said “consistently.” Thank …

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Like Clockwork

And here comes the media to scare people out of buying Hemp-related products: Iced marijuana tea to debut in British health food shops

Reason number 1,376,488

Seriously, who can count all the reasons hemp should be legally and readily available in the U.S.? This is from a European Nutritional watch group: The health-enhancing properties of hemp have come under the spotlight this month with the launch of a drink containing hemp-blossom syrup (Cannabis sativa) in the UK, which is also being …

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Hemp for Victory!

A little trivia about this 1942 Agriculture department film: # Contrary to popular belief, prints are still in existence, and the film itself is in the public domain. Copies have been made available through education groups, and the film is also available to download on the Internet. # Was required viewing for all US farmers …

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Get baked Hemp

A (very) French chef I associate with constantly tells me that nothing tastes goo unless it comes from a “back-eh-rie.” Well here you go. (and yeah, that was a bad french accent written out phonetically, you got a problem with that?)

A (small) tidal wave of support

North Dakota and California are in a race to be the first state in the U.S. to grow industrial hemp since Wisconsin grew the last hemp crop nearly 50 years ago. This week, each state will conduct important public hearings on the subject.

Go Dakota!

Here’s the proposed rules for North Dakota farmers to start growing industial Hemp. link or just go straight to: The rules don’t seem too onerous. I guess it doesn’t really matter since the statehouse is 99% sure to shoot the whole bill down. Oh well.

Good Grief

You have to read this rant in NewsBusters, though as I think about it there is nothing “news-busted” in this story. This person has so bought into the anti-hemp propaganda — hook, line and sinker — that he has taken the time to write a rant about the mentioning of industrial hemp as a vialble …

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