Month: July 2006

Mouthwatering Hemp

The Drug Enforcement Agency lifted its ban on hemp in 2004, and now it’s in everything from waffles to smoothies. full story I want my job to be food taster for the newspaper. There’s nothing worse than trying a new hemp food and realizing that what you are getting in health benefits is completly compromised …

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Making of a Market

Ahhhhh, here’s the rest of the story: With a cluster of garment retailers and wholesalers operating locally, Santa Cruz is in fine position to snag a share of an estimated $270 million market, should California legalize cultivation of industrial hemp. Cold Hard Cash: the great motivator.

Read it and weep

A new hemp processing plant has been built in southern Queensland. Why isn’t this happening in the US? That is all. p.s. Seriously, what more can you say than “Why?”

A step in the right direction

AB 1147, the California hemp bill sponsored by San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno (D), has conquered another hurdle. The bill, which would permit California farmers to grow industrial hemp to produce hemp oil, seed, and fiber to sell to domestic and foreign manufacturers, passed the state Senate Public Safety Committee June 20 on a 4-2 …

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