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Getting Closer

California is getting closer to farming industrial Hemp than almost any other state right now. It’ll be interesting to see who comes in and torpedos the bill at the last minute: The state Senate passed the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act on Wednesday. Central coast resident who buy and sell …

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Guesss what we just discovered?

The media is always amazed when they re-invent the wheel. Or in this case re-discover that Hemp is actually a very useful plant that we have made illegal for some reason: Hemp has a bad rap for being the marijuana plant. But one Russian scientist is proposing a drug-free variety …

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Thoughtfully debating Hemp

In California cool heads seem to prevail: Yet the cultivation of industrial hemp remains illegal in this nation. Why? Two words: mythology and confusion. Industrial hemp suffers discrimination by association with its cannabis cousin — marijuana. The federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 effectively banned the production of all cannabis …

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Let’s Cook!

Alright people, here’s you chance to get your hemp nut and get cooking! This nutritious ingredient and snack food is offered in 5 pound, 25 pound and 200 pound pails and is a bulk item designed to meet the needs of food manufacturers, retailers with bulk food sections, restaurants and …

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This week on the “O.C.”: Hemp Farmers

Finaly, a Republican I can really get behind: So why is he trying to legalize hemp? He says it’s only natural for a “free-market, pro-business, low-tax conservative” to support an agricultural product in high demand that’s nothing like its notorious cousin, marijuana. full story

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