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Hemp Bags -Austrailia town makes a statement

This is a fun hemp making a difference article. Plastic bags in a store shelved for hemp bags that were designed by local students. A great example of a small change with a huge impact. “The launch was very positive and we received good feedback,” she said. “The bags were …

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HEMP, what is it and why do I care?

There are many things we are taught as a kid and then, things we aren’t. I was taught nothing about hemp until a grateful dead concert at which I saw my first hemp jewlery. Needless to say I was unimpressed by the product that the hippy chick was selling outside …

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Cops slash research field of Industrial hemp

Of all the places you would think the cops wouldn’t make this mistake – the Netherlands? THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch police who mowed down what they thought were illicit marijuana plants were red-faced Thursday when it emerged they’d ruined a research group’s giant, officially sanctioned field of harmless hemp. …

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Buildings made out of hemp. It’s about time!

"The versatile substance can be used for flooring, wall construction and roof insulation. Hempcrete is reportedly fireproof, waterproof, makes for a good insulate and doesn't rot when used above ground. Manufacturers claim the material is 100 percent recyclable and can be used as fertilizer after demolition."

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