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Get your ‘Mojo’ free on the web

This really doesn’t have anything to do with Hemp… but for some reason country-rocker Mojo Nixon’s complete works are available for free on Amazon.com’s MP3 download area this week. Get em while they’re hot!! It is best not to ask why! Just a “thank you Mr. Nixon” will do.

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Totally free THC HEMP?

U.S. scientists say they are moving closer to engineering a totally drug-free cannabis plant to produce hemp fiber and oil.

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Why I care about Hemp and other musings about why you should too – Part 1

Part 1. When I bring up the topic of Hemp I usually will get two reactions. The first is from someone who has smoked pot or currently smokes pot. They usually smile and say something like, “Yeah man! It’s great!”. They will mention that clothes can be made out of …

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