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Canadian Firm Really Goes Green with Hemp Car

By May Jeong TORONTO (Reuters) – Canadian developers are plotting a small revolution in the still-tiny market for electric cars, with a concept vehicle made from hemp set to debut at a specialized auto show next month. The four-seat car, called the Kestrel, has an outer shell of a hemp-based …

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‘Hemp house’ built in North Carolina

Can you imagine the permit hassles this guy went through at the building department? But in the end it ended up being a nice looking Hemp house. Hemp House in North Carolina Read the story here: ‘Hemp house’ built in North Carolina.

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Canadian company set to roll out car made from Hemp

We all know the story about Henry Ford’s Hemp/plastic car (if you don’t watch the Youtube video below) and now, half-a-century later, a Canadian manufacturer is getting ready to roll out a “zero-emission” Hemp composite car. Its body is built from hemp grown in Vegreville, Alta., outside Edmonton, and processed …

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Used plastic + hemp = lumber

UNCC researchers create a formula for recycling old bottles into new building materials By Amber Veverka Charlotte Observer A UNC Charlotte researcher with a passion for sustainability is creating a new building material out of recycled plastic bottles and an ancient grass. Dr. Na Lu, an assistant professor at UNCC’s …

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‘Cannabinomics’ chips away at Hemp prohibition

We here at Hemp.com tend to stay away from the medical marijuana debate, but BoingBoing.net had an interesting post today about the economic tipping point being reached across med pot states. With 15 states offering medical marijuana licenses to everyday Joes, and California mulling complete decriminalization of pot, the new …

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The economics behind legalization of Hemp & Cannabis

As governments begin to understand the wrong-headed thinking of prohibitions some interesting economic conditions are coming to light. This November, in an effort to increase tax revenue, California will hold a referendum on whether or not to legalise the cultivation and use of marijuana. If passed, the change in law …

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Hemp oil in your makeup?

I know, I know… we’re preaching to the choir here. But this study has found that Hemp oil is a great sustainable oil for cosmetic production. Anti-carcinogenics in your lipstick? Sounds better than Botox in your face to us! Read for yourself: EIN Presswire – Hemp Seed Oil from the …

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Farmers discuss the benefits of growing Hemp as cash crop

Farmers discuss the benefits of growing Hemp as cash crop Canada is the largest producer of Hemp products in North America – even though the US is the largest market for Hemp products. And yet we stubbornly stick to an arbitrary ban for fear that somebody might mistake it for …

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