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In Praise of Hemp

Here is a very good background editorial on ‘Hemp’ and its history written by Jim Prues on ‘The People’s Voice’.  Some very good points in history are covered well in the full article, see link at bottom. Hemp is the common name for cannabis, the first plant cultivated by humanity …

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Hemp Plastics Show Their Mettle

Hemp plastics showing up more and more in consumer products: In 1998, I was asked if I would like to “make a hemp plastic”. I jumped at the opportunity. According the dictionary, the “plastic” is “anything mouldable, pliant, supple” . This doesn’t entailed using petro-chemicals. Plastics and petro-chemical based materials …

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‘HemPod’ at English University a proving ground for hempcrete

A University in England is attracting the attention of Architects internationally with their concept house the “HemPod.” The small structure is a proof of concept displaying the benefits of lime/hemp construction materials. Environmentally-friendly building materials are often more expensive than traditional materials, but the Renewable House project funded by the …

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Take a look inside the N.C. ‘Hemp House’

USA Today has a nice writeup on the North Carolina “Hemp Home” with some interior pictures of the house.  Pretty nice looking place: In Asheville, N.C., a home built with thick hemp walls was completed this summer and two more are in the works. Dozens of hemp homes have been …

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Hemp Food company riding wave of awareness

The best way to get middle America to start eating Hemp food products: Get Oprah talking about it.  But that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. The second best way: When daytime talk show stars like Martha Stewart and Dr. Oz start endorsing the health and nutritional benefits of …

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Hemp Milk – When dairy just won’t do…

You don’t want to drink soy milk because you’re afraid of the genetically modified soy out there and the health consequences. Your allergic to almonds and coconuts but still want something “milk like”? What do you do? Hemp Milk Hemp milk may be your answer. Hemp milk just hit the …

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Republican candidate for Kentucky governor goes on record supporting industrial hemp

This is interesting: a Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett in Kentucky is ready to fight the federal government for the right to grow industrial hemp in his state if he wins the governor’s office. “We’re going to have to challenge the federal authority to keep us from growing a legitimate …

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Grow Your Own Home?

According to Klara Marosszeky with 2.5 hecters of Land you can basically grow enough materials to make a basic beautful home. Learn more and see the Home that Hemp Built by clicking the link below. CLICK HERE! – GROW YOUR OWN HOME

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Hemp ain’t for Hippies anymore – New Technologies On The Rise

Move over Mr. Hippie. Yes – You can still wear your hemp bracelets and tie-dies – but the word today is New Technology! Leaders in the fields of Architecture and Car Design are using Hemp products to redefine a new age of environmentally friendly High-tech Materials made from our friendly …

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