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North Carolina company leads slow charge to Hempcrete acceptance

If you are here, you know that Hempcrete is a viable alternative to traditional concrete.  And these guys are leading the slow march to acceptance: “Western North Carolina essentially is the capital of hempcrete building in the United States right now,” said Gregory Flavall, the co-founder of Hemp Technologies, the …

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Legalizing Industrial Hemp

Hemp Inc., growing change one mind at a time

Here is an excellent article written by Dean Curran. He is a Student at Umass and a columnist for the Daily Collegian. Dean puts together a well thought out and easy to understand article on the benefits of hemp and the reasons it should become a legal crop in the …

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Hemp farming by the numbers

For anyone interested in the hard numbers of Hemp cultivation, here’s a government report on the history of Hemp production in Canada since its legalization in 1998: The industrial hemp production received a lot of attention in the early years. advocates of hemp production painted a rather rosy picture for …

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A definitive guide on How to grow Hemp

How to grow hemp Growing hemp is not a mystery, as a matter of fact it has been grown for so many centuries that is is oddly funny that we have spiraled in the United States to a point where it is illegal to grow it here. That being the …

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Why is hemp illegal?

Why is Hemp Illegal? A good question we repeatedly ask ourselves. It always goes back to a “follow the money” question. Who benefits from Hemp being illegal.  Who is making money because Americans can’t grow a fibrous weed in their country? Here’s a good primer on the reasons Hemp was …

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American Idol Hemp Wedding Dress designer unveiled

Alright Hemp fashonistas, we don’t have pictures of American Idol Crystal Bowersox‘s Hemp wedding dress yet. But we DO have the next best thing.  We now know who designed the dress. Here’s the designer’s website. Custom, natural fiber hemp wedding dresses and bridal gowns for your green wedding by Tara …

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Prop 19 – Was it Good For Hemp?

If you have been following the news about Prop 19, the initiative to make marijuana legal in the state of California, (and taxable) then you know it did not pass. Although it would have been interesting to say the least if Prop 19 had passed- we can without a doubt …

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Hemp may have inadvertantly been on California ballot

We’ve all heard about prop 19 – California’s effort to decriminalize marijuana within the state – but did the ballot measure  have implications for industrial hemp that the writers didn’t necessarily intend? Proposition 19 proponents say the initiative’s language allowing local governments to permit cannabis cultivation – by definition – …

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