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A funny speculation on what a legal Hemp USA would look like

Hemp leaves
Hemp leaves

We aren’t holding our breath about California’s Prop 19 passing, but this is an interesting speculation about what could happen in a business and cultural sense if it did.

It’s the year 2020 and marijuana and its industrial cousin, hemp, have now been legal for 10 years. The thousands of new businesses and industries based on these eco-friendly plants are reaping historic profits, and California leads the nation and the world in agriculture and manufacturing.

via Pasadena Weekly – A new world order.

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  1. i have an apparel patent that will be produced in china out of hemp, but is still in the “r&d” stage. if it was legal in the states i would already be making a profit. also, a residual product would be in the make using the returns as-well. i would be in control of the life-cycle for each unit sold.


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