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Hemp farming by the numbers

Hemp leaves
Hemp leaves

For anyone interested in the hard numbers of Hemp cultivation, here’s a government report on the history of Hemp production in Canada since its legalization in 1998:

The industrial hemp production received a lot of attention in the early years. advocates of hemp production painted a rather rosy picture for growth potential. however, the sudden demise of consolidated growers and processors CGP inc. of California left a large number of hemp growers in Manitoba sitting with a huge crop and nowhere to market it.

Some interesting facets about Canada’s Industrial Hemp Production:

  • March 12, 1998, the commercial production (including cultivation) of industrial hemp permitted in Canada
  • In 1998, the first year after Health Canada opened up the licensing process, 241 licenses were issued. These licensees grew almost 2 370 hectares (5,857 acres) of hemp for industrial use. In 1999, the number of applications to grow hemp jumped dramatically to 545 with the area of hemp production increasing six-fold
  • In 2009, area licensed for hemp production increased by 72 percent across Canada over in 2008

via industrial hemp production in Canada.

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