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Will Car Sales Ever Rebound to Meet U.S. Ethanol Targets?

Just as the fiscal crisis sweeping through the major oil-consuming nations of the world is cutting funding for green energy, one of the most expensive yet least efficient of green fuels, corn-based ethanol, has been given another year of generous taxpayer support in the US. The promotion of corn-based ethanol …

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Hemp.com Audio interview: John Shaw

John Shaw is probably the only Republican politician who has openly call for the legalization of ALL drugs. Hemp.com’s senior writer Josh Davis sits down with Florida state Senate candidate John Shaw to talk about why he narrowed his drug stance down to just a pro-hemp stance and if he …

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Hemp For Victory – Video

Hemp for victory – a hemp.com favorite! A film produced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to promote hemp production for the war effort. circa 1942 This always makes me think about the mistakes that have brought us here… “Thus plans are afoot for a great expansion of a hemp industry …

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