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Ron Paul: “Hemp is a Good Product”

Ron Paul believs Hemp is a good products and frankly, we agree!. Ron paul has been an ongoing vocal supporter of industrial hemp and hemp products. He is an advocate of bringing hemp farming back to our struggling farmers. With more people like Ron paul speaking out about industrial hemps …

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Cleaning up with Hemp in Colorado?

Here’s a nice article with Colorado Representative Wes McKinley (D-Walsh). McKinley wants to prove to his State and the Boys in Washington that hemp is not only good for business, but it is good for America’s soil and over all environmental health as well. We salute you Rep McKinley and …

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East Coast & The Rockies: State Victories for Hemp Farming

Picture from http://www.cannabis-cosmetics.com/ Both New Hampshire and Colorado had small victories this past week regarding hemp legislation. While NH passed a resolution expressing it’s position on hemp farming, 260-41 in favor of (We’ll have to work hard to educate those 40 dissenters) Colorado’s Hemp Soil-cleaning Research House Bill 1099 “received …

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‘Fashion Forward’ Thinking: Chic Sustainable Hemp Handbags

Here’s an interesting article about a husband and wife design team that is using hemp  to create eco/animal-friendly accessories. ““I did the math to see how many square feet of leather would be used, and I realized that two animals would die for one bag,” she says. “I started researching …

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