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US Drug Czar Responds to White House Petition – Fail

Failing the American People! Yes, White House – you fail. You’re official response to why Hemp can not be farmed in the US  gets an F in my book! Not only did it take you 6 months to respond, but you even included misleading information in the words you choose.  …

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United States: Protecting Industrial Hemp in New England

Accolades to the politicians in New England. News yesterday out of New Hampshire reports the Senate is considering protecting industrial hemp from being listed as a controlled substance. It would only go into effect after the Drug Enforcement Agency certifies that at least two other New England states have adopted …

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Capital Hemp to Shut down Stores in DC

Josh Davis’s Diatribe – Earlier this year I wrote an article for the Huffington Post detailing the misleading affidavit by the DC’s Metropolitan Police Department concerning it’s use of the word Marijuana. Basically the officer who wrote the affidavit was confused by what Industrial Hemp was and referred to hemp …

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NH bill to allow hemp farming in DEA hands

WashingtonPost.com — A bill to protect industrial hemp from being tagged as an illicit drug is getting a hearing this week by the New Hampshire Senate. The House-passed bill would forbid industrial hemp, a botanical cousin to marijuana, from being listed as a controlled substance. It would only go into …

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