Hemp Film Makers Need Your Help!

In November of last year,  I met two film makers, Blaire Johnson & Linda Booker, who were showing clips from their documentary Bringing It Home at a hemp convention.  Being a former producer for the Discovery Networks I was impressed with the production value (industry lingo for – Wow that looks and sounds good) of the what I saw. “Finally!”, I thought, “Someone is making a professional looking, well educated documentary about industrial hemp!”
I spoke with them and found out that they still needed finishing funds to complete the project. They had invested their own money and been able to get some great interviews but still needed additional source material, graphics, and more interviews and B-roll to make the documentary complete.

And without additional funds the project would never see the light of day!

It was then that I realized hemp.com could help…and so can you!

Recently Blaire and Linda have started a fund-raising campaign for Bring it Home!

Bringing It Home can do for hemp, what documentaries like Food Inc. and An Inconvenient Truth did in starting a global dialogue on other important issues.

But don’t take my word for it – Please visit this website to see a great trailer for the documentary and to learn more about this wonderful project.

And make sure to check back here later this week for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the film makers – only at Hemp.com


** Hemp.com receives no funding for this project from any of the donations made. We are just excited that someone is making this their mission and we want to help get it done!

Linda Booker interviews the creator of the Hemp Cave


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