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NH Senate Voting on Hemp

New Hampshire Senate votes on Hemp
Well this looks promising! The amazing industrial hemp plant is again being recognized for what it could do for our economy but will it pass?
NH Senate voting on allowing hemp farming

Associated Press-New Hampshire — Senate committee is recommending that the New Hampshire Senate hold off on protecting industrial hemp from being tagged as an illicit drug.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is recommending that the Senate instead vote Wednesday to study a House-passed bill that would forbid industrial hemp, a botanical cousin to marijuana, from being listed as a controlled substance. It would only go into effect after the Drug Enforcement Agency certifies that at least two other New England states have adopted such legislation.

Supporters say hemp was once an important crop in the United States, but has not been grown in New Hampshire for decades. They say the plant has lower levels of THC, a principal chemical in cannabis, than marijuana and can be used for a variety of non-illicit products.

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