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Hemp Speaker Pioneer John Harrison Dies at 59

John Harrison - Influencing the music and hemp industries

Influencing musicians such as Santana and his products being used by names like Eric Clapton, John Harrison is a name that people will remember in both the hemp and the music worlds.  His achievements were born out of his genuine love for music in the most unique of ways. John …

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Hemp Seeds To Feed A Nation

It seems like every time I revisit hemp I learn another benefit that this plant offers us. So many answers to so many problems all we have to do is be open to its potential. Case in Point: Population Growth. How do we feed, nutritionally, all those hungry mouths? Mike …

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From Russia With Hemp

Here’s a novel idea and one that could also be a  possible answer to fight the enormous amount of marijuana coming into the US from Mexico. The leader of the Sakha region in Siberia wants to plant industrial hemp in an effort to help quell the spread of its potent …

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Soil Contamination – Phytoremediation with Hemp

The phytoremediation process

Mother Nature’s Solution to Soil Contamination – Phytoremediation Phytoremediation is the environmentally friendly science of using plants and trees to remove heavy metals and other toxins from contaminated soil. By planting specific plants and trees, called hyper-accumulators, in polluted areas, the contaminants can be reduced. The science is simple, and …

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Vermont: Federal law prevents farmers from cashing in on hemp

Many consider hemp to be a harmless renewable cash crop with thousands of applications. Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center in East Thetford grows organic produce and plants. Owner Will Allen would love to also grow hemp. “This is another cash crop that would make farmers a lot of money …

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Sen. Ron Wyden’s attempt to bring back industrial hemp fails

Sen. Ron Wyden’s attempt to expand production of industrial hemp fails Hemp is a plant that has many commercial applications but Sen. Ron Wyden’s effort to include a provision in the farm bill to formally classify it as a legitimate crop failed Thursday as the Senate finished work on the …

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Vermont: Legal hemp could net big money for farmers

Vermont is not a state that one would expect a conversation over what farmers can and can not grow, especially in these hard economic times, however maybe it is what we need.  Industrial hemp was one of the main topics which reminds us how much we really need to discuss …

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It Could Come Down To This

Such a small part of a monster Bill could be a game changer for US farmers, agriculture, technology, nutrition, the economy…alot of stuff. That is if enough Senators get on board and only if then the White House decides they like it. The latter of which does not look promising. …

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Talking Hemp Fashion with Jungmaven

Rob Jungmaven

Hemp fiber has been woven into fabrics since 8000 BC, according to archaeologists. American history shows Betsy Ross, the original White House First Lady, stitching the stars and stripes into a flag made from Hemp fabric. At that time, colonial laws required that farmers grow Hemp. Hemp fabric was used …

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David Bronner Arrested at Capital for HEMP

Authorities in Washington DC went to extreme measures to arrest an Escondido soap-maker Monday, using a chainsaw to access the man protesting outside the White House. David Bronner, CEO of Escondido’s top-selling Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, was protesting laws banning hemp harvesting in the U.S., according to the Washington Post. …

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Ron Wyden Introduces Industrial Hemp Amendment To Farm Bill

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) on Thursday introduced an amendment to the farm bill that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp. The amendment, S.3240, would exclude industrial hemp from the definition of “marijuana,” thereby allowing hemp farming to be regulated by state permitting programs, bypassing the federal government’s long-standing prohibition …

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