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MichiCAN – Just Another State That Could Reap The Rewards Growing Hemp

Michigan-MichiCAN if they grow hemp

“Because the government thinks people are stupid.” So say’s Larry Gabriel when waxing semi-poetic about the reason hemp is illegal in the United States. Larry has written a nice opinion article about his home of Michigan and its potential to be another mega-producing hemp farming state. Wouldn’t it be great …

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Woody Harrelson, a Hempster For All Reasons

Woody Harrelson - Kentucky hemp planting

Easily recognizable with his Hemp snow cap and quick smile, actor Woody Harrelson found fame following his Emmy winning performances as bartender Woody Boyd on the long running television series “Cheers” and the movie “White Men Can’t Jump” costarring Wesley Snipes. At that point in his life, Woody became interested …

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Maine: Where America’s Hemp Begins

Ok, So I changed Maine’s slogan a bit, but it’s true.  Maine is one of the states that has been progressive in its stance with hemp and it’s the furthest eastern state in the Continental United States. So America’s hemp does begin with… or could begin in Maine. Of course …

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Sustainable Hemp Buildings Provide Healthier Living

Industrial hemp farming is renewable and sustainable

Sustainable Hemp Buildings Improve Air Quality and Reduce Water Damage Pollutants for Healthier Living Standards Building with industrial hemp products is a way to create a more sustainable way of life for human beings. Most Hemp building products are carbon negative products, often regulating the air quality and keep water …

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