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Hemp – A Better Choice than Soy

Hemp oil

Today we have a wonderful article by Mikol on the amazing benefits of the hemp plant versus what soy can provide. Hemp Protein is well tolerated by humans, so many of us who are challenged with health issues can enjoy Hemp without any difficulties. Whether you are ill, young, or …

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Senate Hemp Bill Introduced

The momentum builds and the ball is rolling towards the future for hemp in America! A round of applause for Senators from Oregon, Kentucky and Vermont! In a show of Bipartisan teamwork they have put forth a Senate bill that would finally exclude Industrial hemp from is Cousin Marijuana in …

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Hemp and the Lakota Tribes

Little Wolf & Dull Knife in Washington 1873

The Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1898 is an agreement made between the US Government and the indigenous tribes of Black Hills, a mountainous range extending from South Dakota to Wyoming, guaranteeing the Lakota Tribe land ownership and their rights to govern themselves as a sovereign nation, outside of interference …

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