Hemp – A Better Choice than Soy

Hemp oil

Today we have a wonderful article by Mikol on the amazing benefits of the hemp plant versus what soy can provide.

Hemp Protein is well tolerated by humans, so many of us who are challenged with health issues can enjoy Hemp without any difficulties. Whether you are ill, young, or very old, Hemp is a better choice than Soy.

Hemp is better than SoyIf you are currently eating soy protein, you may want to consider switching to Hemp as your source of protein. There are multiple drawbacks to soy, several of which involve the complex proteins that soy contains. Other “dangers” include risk to the pancreas. A 1987 study by Tudor RJ and others, stated, “Ingestion of soy produced enlarged pancreases in mice and “pancreatic adenoma and carcinoma in the rat.” Comparative Sub-acute Effects Of Dietary Raw Soy Flour On The Pancreas Of Three Species, The Marmoset, Mouse and Rat. Food Chem Toxic. 25 (10), 739-45.

This leads us to the second drawback – soy can negatively affect the kidneys. The proteins contained within soy are more complex, more difficult to digest than Hemp, and can burden or even damage your kidneys. Even though soy contains more protein per serving, that protein is not always readily absorbed, so some of it can go to waste, or even worse, be burdensome and toxic. Hemp is also free of the oligosaccharides found in soy, which cause stomach upset and gas, as well as being free of the tryspin inhibitors which block protein absorption.

Drawback three, a major concern to many of us – oftentimes Soy is genetically modified (GMO). GMO products can be a challenge to your digestive track and system in general. Alternatively, Hemp contains simple proteins, is not commonly GMO and is more easily absorbed because it is in a form that is more similar to the proteins found in the human body.

That said, everybody is different, and I for one get terrible abdominal pain when I drink Soy products, but I have no problem with Hemp. Regardless, it’s always best to test out what you are thinking of adding to your diet. Pay attention to how you feel after ingesting Soy products, and when you switch to the superior Hemp, make sure you are tolerant to the Hemp before you gulp down a large glass. Chances are high that Hemp will agree with you!.

Consider trying raw Hemp seeds, which are indeed a super-food. Hemp Seeds, or “Hemp Hearts”, offer multiple benefits, including building up the immune system.

Good news for vegeterians – Hemp is a great substitute for animal protein as it provides more digestible protein than meat, eggs and even milk.

Don’t forget – Natural and easily digested foods like Hemp are assimilated into the body with less effort than those that are genetically modified.

Take it from someone who has attempted Soy products – try Hemp, the clear choice over the harder to digest, less beneficial, gas causing, and typically GMO – Soy.

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  1. I bought hemp protein. I think it digests well and I added yogurt, a banana, and almond milk. Very good and nutritious. My breakfast of choice.

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