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It’s interesting, as the elections are upon us and lots of folks are watching the national news on tv, the barrage of commercials brought to us by Big Pharma showcasing on primetime their new drugs available to us for our ailments (particularly us baby boomers) – along with their horrific …

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Hempsters Plant the Seed Revisited

Hemp leaves

By Stephanie Bishop, Hemp Inc. Contributor — Since the release of Hempsters Plant the Seed in June of 2010, there are many indications showing the residual effects of the movie on consumers and activists in the form of stronger communities as well as a measured increase in end user consumer …

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Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds for health not a high

Despite the Cannabis classification, hemp seeds aren’t for smoking, nor does it get you “high” as countless people have been led to believe. Hemp seeds are growing in popularity, thus, questions are arising concerning their presumed health benefits. So what is it ‘they’ don’t want you to know? Why would …

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