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A good read and Thank you for putting links to …

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A good read and Thank you for putting links to references. I found a video to share for those who learn a bit easier watching and listening.

Hemp Has Been Hurt

“Many of the medicinal Cannabis flowers that are sold in the regulated medical centers fall into the hemp definition as per the National Laboratories. This would mean that WE can grow them as hemp…FREELY and not be forced into the governments control.

This is FANTASTIC as it would not limit access to a registration system like Colorado has for medical marijuana.

Harlequin – almost always develops a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2

Sour Tsunami – CBD levels test as high as 10 or 11%, while THC is usually under 10%.

AC/DC, Canna-Tsu, Cannatonic, Harle-Tsu, Ringo’s Gift and more would also fall into the same category.

These would be hemp as per the National Labs. Currently, a limited number have access due to the red tape in place.”

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Not your grandfather’s Hemp composite car
Wow! That is a good looking car! Composite hemp as a material being used by Lotus, Does it get any better than that?

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