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Looking Closer At The Start Of Hemp Legislation In Colorado

Who Occupied the first steps?

As we follow the hemp thread in a tangle of other artificial strings, as we at Hemp.com reported earlier this week, we are finding a different history than what is being told to people in some of the associations and industry groups. There are actually many other representations of ideas with better solutions for hemp to thrive in the American farmland.

The first legislation that was actually successful to initiate a viable hemp farming opportunity for Colorado, for America, is HB12-1099 the Hemp Remediation Pilot Program, a Phytoremediation project. This legislation has no permission from the Federal Government, as it is not required, and it is of great concern that there is anything except complete removal of Cannabis from the DEA Scheduling at the Federal level.

At the time, Representative Wes McKinley and Jason Lauve were the root of the first successful legislation for hemp in the United States of America. Any legislation that includes violations and definitions for hemp at the Federal level should be of grave concern to the American people, to the people of the world.

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