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Wicked Hemp making it look easy to be Green

Living green is getting easier as companies are pairing modern technology with time honored fibers and fabrics. Wicked Hemp is a great example of a green company that is producing environmentally friendly products in a package that any consumer could love. With the holidays just around the corner this is …

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Body Shop Warned Hemp Ads “Not Acceptable” in Sweden

Authorities in Örebro, Sweden issued a warning to the Body Shop for promoting their line of hemp skin care products with the image of a hemp leave on the Ads. According to Karin Wickberg Taylar, press spokesperson for The Body Shop Sweden, The Authorities, “argued that the use of the …

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New book examines the role of Hemp and Cannabis in modern culture

We try and stay away from Marijuana here at Hemp.com.  We find it confuses the issue for many people when discussing Industrial Hemp and Cannabis side by side. But last Friday’s “Science Friday” radio show on NPR featured an interesting interview with the editor of “The Pot Book: A complete …

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Hemp is the Hidden Key to Legal Marijuana

Hemp is the far bigger economic issue hiding behind legal marijuana. If the upcoming pot legalization ballot in California were decided by hemp farmers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, it would be no contest. For purely economic reasons, if you told the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that the nation …

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Hemp Growers Tout Biodiesel Benefits

Researchers at Universtiy of Connecticut have found that the fiber crop Cannabis sativa, known as industrial hemp, has properties that make it viable and even attractive as a raw material, or feedstock, for producing biodiesel – sustainable diesel fuel made from renewable plant sources. The plant’s ability to grow in …

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Cities Ban Plastic Bags & Plastic Water Bottles

Another plastic bag another potential hazard for the environment This article in the Huffington Post is not a direct Hemp Article – but we at Hemp.com thought it News Worthy. The banning of Plastic Water Bottles and Plastic bags is beginning to gather support in various cities across the US. …

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‘HemPod’ at English University a proving ground for hempcrete

A University in England is attracting the attention of Architects internationally with their concept house the “HemPod.” The small structure is a proof of concept displaying the benefits of lime/hemp construction materials. Environmentally-friendly building materials are often more expensive than traditional materials, but the Renewable House project funded by the …

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