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Update October 24 2013:   We have been forced to make some changes to the email system to stop what appears to be highly suspicious activity (spamming) on a few email accounts.  We have put a plan in place to reset ALL hemp.com email account passwords.

This should not be a issue for you as we are providing an easy way for you to notify us that you ARE the owner of an account and get a new password sent to you.

Please send an email to CustomerSupport at hemp.com providing your name, email address, and how you are using the email address and we will get you back up and running.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Hemp.com team



  1. I have a sort of stupid question: Is there a variety of hemp with little if any THC in it? It seems like an excellent plant for so many different uses. If it could not get people high, maybe growing it would be legal everywhere.

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  2. Would like to see what this is all about in a packaged bag

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  3. IDC if there is THC in the hemp or not

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  4. 405 East Holler St. Nokomis, IL, 62075

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