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You do know that by saying hemp everyone still knows …

Comment on Hemp fuel by Tayro.

You do know that by saying hemp everyone still knows your talking about pot right? All your trying to do is get pot legalized. Too much of a pot head to get a job to afford your habit?
Well bubba that’s the view most Americans will have towards this post. The demonazation of Cannabis will be the only real fight to face if you want to see hemp fuel in this country.
Points of interest:
Hemp grows in moderate-poor soils (not fit for food crops)
Hemp grows in moderate-poor climates (not fit for food crops)
It is drought resistant, flood resistant, free of pest infestation, chokes out weeds without pesticides, needs no fertilizers, revitalizes the soil, has a 50 year crop rotation cycles know to remove toxins from the soil, based on climate it can have 3 harvest per year, 10 times more wood pulp than trees per acre, can be used for both gas and diesel, the byproduct of distillation makes high grade chicken feed, remaining fiber can be used to make canvas, rope, clothes that last up to 10 times longer than cotton, the seeds make a more nutritious flour than wheat, blablabla.
Ok all of what I’ve said is true and more good stuff is know about it. In mid-America we have more than 11 million acres of moderate-poor land not being used for crops. As the AFT likes to point out they burn millions of tons of pot a year grown in America. Most of the crops are grown under cover of forest, not out in the open. So it can grow under what would be very adverse conditions without cultivation.
Let’s review what I really just said:
To all the multinational corps. like Monsanto, Dow and others, we won’t need your pesticides or herbicides.
To all the multinational food growers, we won’t need your GMO corn for bio-fuel. As a result of the no cultivation thing, any idiot can grow it and get paid for it (uncontrollable market).
By the way OPEC at just 2 million acres we won’t need your oil anymore.
So you may have 1 or 2 players in the game that might not want hemp on the seen man. But like I said their not the real fight. The real fight will be public opinion. After almost 100 years of hearing that pot is harmful (not 1 death related to the use or consumption of hemp in 12,000 years?) it has been proven that even those that do smoke pot will not publicly admit it or support it.
I understand that you are not talking about Cannabis-indica, pot. Your talking about Cannabis-sativa, hemp. Doesn’t matter. People have be told for almost 100 years by their peers and government that it’s the same thing.
To legalize 1 you will have to legalize the other.
Not really a bad thing as Indica produce’s as much as 3 times as much oil as Sativa.
Good luck, my 2cents worth, Think I need to catch a buzz.

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