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Colorado: Enviro Textiles Promotes Hemp

Hemp in Colorado is not something new as we are reminded in this short news piece I saw on the Denver Post website. The founder of a local hemp textiles company, Enviro Textiles LLC, believes Colorado is poised to enter a new era of prosperity thanks to the recent passage …

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Industrial Hemp Legalized in Colorado

Colorado falls bring kids to farms

Colorado Amendment 64 passed, allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp. Most of the current buzz about the amendment is about legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes in the state. What has not made the national headlines is that Amendment 64 also included legalizing industrial hemp. Some key excerpts from Amendment …

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Cleaning up with Hemp in Colorado?

Here’s a nice article with Colorado Representative Wes McKinley (D-Walsh). McKinley wants to prove to his State and the Boys in Washington that hemp is not only good for business, but it is good for America’s soil and over all environmental health as well. We salute you Rep McKinley. There …

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