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Hemp Art Studio Project

This project is developed on the North Pacific side of Costa Rica for a private client and began in 2015. The project consultant is Jason Lauve (Mr. Hemp) from Colorado, the Architecture firm is Studio Saxe out of San Jose and the hemp building expert is Steve Allin from Ireland. After catching …

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Hemp Standards

  We at Hemp.com have joined with HempStandards.com to publish a set of standards for all stages of development of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. These references provide a way to log the development of a plant into a product for data collection and development. Hemp Standards (HS) is a …

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CSU researching industrial hemp

CSU industrial hemp research

Colorado State University is one of few universities in the country that can legally grow and research hemp. Researchers at Colorado State University are studying which climates are best for growing hemp in Colorado, and are legitimizing the industry by partnering with the state. Even though nearly two-thirds of Colorado …

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5 Facts about hemp you won’t believe!

History of hemp - Hemp Facts

Current hemp news tells us that industrial hemp is on the rise in America. More states are beginning to grow their own industrial hemp, just as it was centuries ago. But here are a fistful of hemp facts I think will blow your minds! If anything, it’s a good read …

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Industrial Hemp Knowledge On The Rise!

George Washington the hemp farmer

Since the dawn of time industrial hemp has served as a key ingredient in almost every major building material, cloth, and even food. It’s no wonder that industrial hemp has been taking off across the country, starting with pilot projects in Colorado and Kentucky. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, …

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Kentucky: Comer to pitch hemp to auto execs

Kentucky-The Hemp State

Janet Patton wrote this great article on the Kentucky.com website on how industrial hemp is changing the ways we do business and how a change is possible through determined people! Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer said hemp fibers could make cars “greener.” –Agriculture Commissioner James Comer will take his pitch …

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Hemp.com Exclusive: Bringing It Home Filmmakers talk Hemp

Bringing It Home Filmmakers Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson joined Josh Davis at Hemp.com for this exclusive interview. There is a new documentary currently in production that has the potential to be one of the best made on the current potential of the Hemp Industry. I was fortunate enough to …

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Hemp products: Hemp coffin-Heading for high heaven

HEMP heaven can be yours for as little as $600 thanks to another Nimbin world first. The hemp coffin prototype – made from the finest German hemp particle board – has rolled off the factory floor at the Hemp Embassy. The hemp coffin is the brainchild of hemp activist Michael Balderstone …

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UPDATE!! California Senator is Poised to Welcome Hemp

As of this last post The California State… “Senate also voted to legalize farming of industrial hemp in five counties in California for use in making products such as paper and clothes. Industrial hemp is a variety of cannabis sativa plant that has much lower levels of psychoactive chemicals than …

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Breaking News: Hemp Resolution Passes in Michigan!

Below is the press release from Everett Swift detailing the resolution that would seek to lessen the barriers to growing hemp in the State of Michigan. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Swift on my podcast which will be released in the coming month. As …

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Hemp Hemp Hemp

We are always on the lookout for some good articles about our favorite fibrous plant, hemp… here’s a good one from 303 Magazine. This is a wonderful article that gives you some good over all information on the hemp plant.  It has a comedic flare to it that captures your attention. …

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A house fit for a… Prince

Prince Charles has unveiled his vision of housing in the future: Sustainable, eco-friendly living with hemp-insulated materials at the  Ideal Home Show in London. Chief Executive Hank Dittmar of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment states: ‘It’s an extremely well insulated home, made form natural healthy materials and it’s …

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How to Build a Hemp House

A review of the ebook – How to Build a House Using Hemp. My laundry list of stuff I need to do this weekend. Pick up dry cleaning. Get milk and eggs. Build a house. Yeah that’s right it can be done – you could be building the house of …

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New Product: Hemp Shield Deck Finish

You’ve been dreaming of BBQ’s, Pasta Salad & Lemonade, but  the sound of wind and ice outside is a cold reminder that spring has taken vacation and you weren’t invited.  But there is hope:  underneath all the snow and dead leaves lies a tribute to man’s relaxational ingenuity. The American Deck. Spring and summer …

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Healthy Eating Made Possible-HEMP

It is that time of year again where we come up with “new year’s resolution’s” and one of mine was to read more… So what did I pick to start off the new year? H.E.M.P Healthy Eating Made Possible Author Paul Benhaim has managed to jam this book from front …

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Hemp Just Can’t Get a Break – Video

Hemp Can Not Get a Break We saw this cartoon recently and thought we would share it with you all.   Poor  Ol’ Hemp Plant. The guy just can’t get a break. Feel free to pass along the video. Hemp Can Not Get a Break [www.youtube.com/watch?v=H46dOVMMWbU] Thanks to the GlobalMana …

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