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Farm Bill Revealing Limits:Postal Inspector Sends Warning Letter About CBD

Postal Inspector’s Warning Letter to Arizona CBD Maker Shows Farm Bill’s Limits by Ray Stern Phoenix New Times ** Chris Martin’s Arizona-based CBD business has increased steadily over the past few years without too many hitches, so he was surprised a few days ago to receive an ominous letter from federal …

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CBD Oil and Your Health

CBD Concentrate

With companies producing safe organic CBD products from organically grown industrial hemp we are seeing a shift in how confident the consumer can be about what they are consuming or using. The science of CBD is growing on a daily basis but quite a bit of knowledge is available on …

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Hawaii to Research Hemp Bio-Fuel

Hemp is great as a biofuel

Last Tuesday, the University of Hawaii’s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources was given the go-ahead to grow industrial hemp thanks to the bill SB2175. The two year project involves researching the crop, in addition to growing the hemp to remove toxins from contaminated soil, as well as making …

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Eat Hemp Seeds, Stay Healthy

Hemp Seeds are healthy

I have a good friend who loves nothing more than to spend 3 hours a day at the gym and at least another 2 hours browsing a health food store for the perfect ingredient to accommodate his healthy lifestyle. He’s big on Flax, which has been around for thousands of …

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Recipe: Garlic Hemp Seed Oil Bruschetta

Yummy Hemp Seed Oil Brushetta

Everyone knows that hemp seed oil is very healthy. Now lets take that healthy hemp seed oil and put it to good use in a Garlic Hemp Seed Oil Bruschetta recipe that will make your mouth water. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: 1/4 cup Organic Hemp Seed Oil 1-2 Organic tomatoes …

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Hemp Seed Oil, Omega 3 and YOU

Fresh Hemp Oil

People keep talking about those Omega 3’s and how Hemp Oil is what I need to be “better balanced” in life.  Better balanced, Visuals of the commercial for V8 where the people are at a 45 degree angle until they drink their V8 and, like magic they pop back up …

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Dispelling the myth that hemp is marijuana

Hemp is not marijuana

Imogen Crispe — Hemp growers and sellers want to dispel the public perception that hemp is marijuana, as hemp contains similar nutrients to fish oil and has numerous health benefits. It was illegal to grow hemp in New Zealand until 12 years ago, when a ruling allowed people to get …

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Hempsters Plant the Seed Revisited

Hemp leaves

By Stephanie Bishop, Hemp Inc. Contributor — Since the release of Hempsters Plant the Seed in June of 2010, there are many indications showing the residual effects of the movie on consumers and activists in the form of stronger communities as well as a measured increase in end user consumer …

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David Bronner Arrested at Capital for HEMP

Authorities in Washington DC went to extreme measures to arrest an Escondido soap-maker Monday, using a chainsaw to access the man protesting outside the White House. David Bronner, CEO of Escondido’s top-selling Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, was protesting laws banning hemp harvesting in the U.S., according to the Washington Post. …

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Hemp company harvests new cash

Canada: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils has landed another round of venture-capital funding to help finance growth and strengthen its supply chain. This new funding will help spur growth for Manitoba Harvest! No totals were disclosed in the latest round of financing from Calgary-based Avrio Ventures and White Road …

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Hemp serves as useful resource

By George Morin With the possible exception of soy, no plant has managed to spawn as many different products and as much controversy as hemp. You can buy hemp clothing, hemp paper, hemp milk, and hemp oil; the list goes on. Even an electric car has been built out of …

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Supporting Hemp Through Art

I can’t say that I have ever seen a more beautiful poster incorporating all the uses of hemp with the visual beauty of the planet. A Portland Oregon artist known as Wonder Knack has created 3 amazing posters and has asked everyone to pass along the word and the pictures. …

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420 is a good day to look at hemp seed oil

April 20th, also known the world over as 420, we decided it was time to take a look into hemp seed oil. Note that we have already taken a look at cannabis specifically and its interesting acne fighting benefits. Hemp seed oil is produced from the Cannabis sativa plant, but that’s pretty much where its relation to many stoners’ drug of choice ends.

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Colorado: Hemp-licious

The company's Hemp I Scream sandwiches quickly became a staple at Red Rocks Amphitheater events and subsequently the 1stBank Center concerts in Broomfield. The Hemp I Scream sandwiches and pints are retailed at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage stores and soon will be distributed to nine states.

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Australia Says Yes To Cannabis Food

Would you say yes to cannabis dessert? Australia would. Australia’s top food watchdog, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, officially cleared the use of cannabis in foods such as cake, ice cream and beer. While the idea of an ice cream sundae “à-la-cannabis” might not appeal to some, there are others …

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New attitudes to Hemp enable an agricultural comeback

Paul Benhaim–  With an ever-changing need worldwide for different products over the centuries, agriculture moves on with demand. Reduced demand for some crops, and other circumstances led to agriculture reducing production; one such victim of reduced demand was the Hemp plant, where governmental policy affected the market. This easy to …

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New Product: Hemp Shield Deck Finish

You’ve been dreaming of BBQ’s, Pasta Salad & Lemonade, but  the sound of wind and ice outside is a cold reminder that spring has taken vacation and you weren’t invited.  But there is hope:  underneath all the snow and dead leaves lies a tribute to man’s relaxational ingenuity. The American Deck. Spring and summer …

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Swimming For Hemp

Patrick Furlotti likes to swim. But where as you or I would hop in a pool and do a few laps, or maybe brave the summer waves at the local beach, Pat’s idea of fun is hoping in the Ocean and swimming around t he entire Island of Oahu, Hawaii… …

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