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Hemp.com letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama, an Editorial by Josh Davis -There are 21 Countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Spain, France Germany, Romania and China that currently grow hemp. Why not the USA? Mr. President Obama, care to answer?

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Seeds hemp-Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts Soft Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds – Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts Soft Hemp Seeds Rocky Mountain Hemp Hearts (shelled seeds hemp) are the best source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes on the Earth. Hemp seeds do not contain significant amounts of sugar, starches or saturated fats. Analysis indicates that Hemp Hearts are unmatched in …

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Hemp – Alot of Nutrition in a Tiny Seed

Hemp: The Natural Cure by Jessica Napoli There have been various reported uses for the hemp plant throughout history. From Fabric and rope to concrete and modern day injection-molded plastics humans have utilized the entire plant for our needs, but one of the most over looked comes from its seed. …

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