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Maine: Where America’s Hemp Begins

Ok, So I changed Maine’s slogan a bit, but it’s true.  Maine is one of the states that has been progressive in its stance with hemp and it’s the furthest eastern state in the Continental United States. So America’s hemp does begin with… or could begin in Maine. Of course …

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Sustainable Hemp Buildings Provide Healthier Living

Industrial hemp farming is renewable and sustainable

Sustainable Hemp Buildings Improve Air Quality and Reduce Water Damage Pollutants for Healthier Living Standards Building with industrial hemp products is a way to create a more sustainable way of life for human beings. Most Hemp building products are carbon negative products, often regulating the air quality and keep water …

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Hemp.com Exclusive: Bringing It Home Filmmakers talk Hemp

Bringing It Home Filmmakers Linda Booker and Blaire Johnson joined Josh Davis at Hemp.com for this exclusive interview. There is a new documentary currently in production that has the potential to be one of the best made on the current potential of the Hemp Industry. I was fortunate enough to …

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Hemp Hits The Home!

Hemp is getting an overhaul in the design world. It’s quickly becoming the go to material in high-end and mid level home furnishing and design. Check out the awesome list and pics below for the latest in Kool! Original Article published at http://www.networx.com/article/designer-picks-hemp-home-furnishings Designer Picks: Hemp Home Furnishings Environmentally friendly, …

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A house fit for a… Prince

Prince Charles has unveiled his vision of housing in the future: Sustainable, eco-friendly living with hemp-insulated materials at the  Ideal Home Show in London. Chief Executive Hank Dittmar of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment states: ‘It’s an extremely well insulated home, made form natural healthy materials and it’s …

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How to Build a Hemp House

A review of the ebook – How to Build a House Using Hemp. My laundry list of stuff I need to do this weekend. Pick up dry cleaning. Get milk and eggs. Build a house. Yeah that’s right it can be done – you could be building the house of …

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North Carolina company leads slow charge to Hempcrete acceptance

If you are here, you know that Hempcrete is a viable alternative to traditional concrete.  And these guys are leading the slow march to acceptance: “Western North Carolina essentially is the capital of hempcrete building in the United States right now,” said Gregory Flavall, the co-founder of Hemp Technologies, the …

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‘HemPod’ at English University a proving ground for hempcrete

A University in England is attracting the attention of Architects internationally with their concept house the “HemPod.” The small structure is a proof of concept displaying the benefits of lime/hemp construction materials. Environmentally-friendly building materials are often more expensive than traditional materials, but the Renewable House project funded by the …

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Take a look inside the N.C. ‘Hemp House’

USA Today has a nice writeup on the North Carolina “Hemp Home” with some interior pictures of the house.  Pretty nice looking place: In Asheville, N.C., a home built with thick hemp walls was completed this summer and two more are in the works. Dozens of hemp homes have been …

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‘Hemp house’ built in North Carolina

Can you imagine the permit hassles this guy went through at the building department? But in the end it ended up being a nice looking Hemp house. Hemp House in North Carolina Read the story here: ‘Hemp house’ built in North Carolina.

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Buildings made out of hemp. It’s about time!

"The versatile substance can be used for flooring, wall construction and roof insulation. Hempcrete is reportedly fireproof, waterproof, makes for a good insulate and doesn't rot when used above ground. Manufacturers claim the material is 100 percent recyclable and can be used as fertilizer after demolition."

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