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GMO Crops Pulled From Wildlife Refuges

Sometimes we report on subjects that might not be directly related to Hemp, but we think they’re pretty darn important anyway. A recent lawsuit settlement resulted in the Fish & Wild Life Service agreeing to cease planting GMO’s in all of its refuges residing in 12 North Eastern States. Genetically …

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From Plants to Plastic

There has been a growing movement from plastics that are made from Petroleum based materials to Carbohydrate based plastics using materials like plants.  Hemp is just one of the many plants that could be used to move this revolution forward. Here is an interesting article found in USA today detailing …

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Hemp farming by the numbers

For anyone interested in the hard numbers of Hemp cultivation, here’s a government report on the history of Hemp production in Canada since its legalization in 1998: The industrial hemp production received a lot of attention in the early years. advocates of hemp production painted a rather rosy picture for …

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