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[Canadian] Hemp company to invest up to $150M and 400 jobs in Binghamton, NY

By Jeff Platsky Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin Commentary: We NEED more people from the United States to invest in our own country. A major Canadian processor will spend up to $150 million to locate a hemp processing center in the Southern Tier. Canopy Growth, [a Canadian company] whose stock [Canada’s Canopy …

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First Cannabis (Hemp) Gummies Will Arrive In Mexico at the End of January

As we share news from around the world, it is important to understand that Hemp is called Cannabis in many other countries. This article is one of those where Cannabis is referring to the CBD hemp product. By ALEJANDRA RODRÍGUEZ ** El Financiero ** Its cost will be 250 pesos, …

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Quest for the Golden Fiber

“Quest for the Golden Fiber” follows Cannabis expert Robert C. Clarke on his explorations of Turkish hemp culture. Join us as we visit weavers and rope makers in their countryside homes, and follow the crop cycle in the last village where they still grow hemp as they have for centuries. …

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Legalize Hemp – It’s Long Overdue – Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader

A bipartisan legislative movement toward legalizing the growing of industrial hemp is finally on the rise. Last week, the Vermont General Assembly voted to lift a state statute that banned the growing of industrial hemp. While this, if enacted, would allow Vermont farmers to grow hemp under state law, it …

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Hemp legalization effort gathers steam

Industrial hemp farming is renewable and sustainable

The Washington Post had this article on the “good” and the ” bad” seed… In the cannabis plant family, hemp is the good seed. Marijuana, the evil weed. Michael Bowman, a gregarious Colorado farmer who grows corn and wheat, has been working his contacts in Congress in an attempt to …

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Hemp and Marijuana Industry Flourish

After America’s Multi-decade Experiment with Cannabis Criminalization Ends The Hemp and Marijuana Industries Flourish The ballots were a hot commodity this past election as voters in some states prepared to either end or continue America’s multi-decade experiment with cannabis criminalization. Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) was front and center after 3 …

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Senate Hemp Bill Introduced

The momentum builds and the ball is rolling towards the future for hemp in America! A round of applause for Senators from Oregon, Kentucky and Vermont! In a show of Bipartisan teamwork they have put forth a Senate bill that would finally exclude Industrial hemp from is Cousin Marijuana in …

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MichiCAN – Just Another State That Could Reap The Rewards Growing Hemp

Michigan-MichiCAN if they grow hemp

“Because the government thinks people are stupid.” So say’s Larry Gabriel when waxing semi-poetic about the reason hemp is illegal in the United States. Larry has written a nice opinion article about his home of Michigan and its potential to be another mega-producing hemp farming state. Wouldn’t it be great …

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David Bronner Arrested at Capital for HEMP

Authorities in Washington DC went to extreme measures to arrest an Escondido soap-maker Monday, using a chainsaw to access the man protesting outside the White House. David Bronner, CEO of Escondido’s top-selling Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, was protesting laws banning hemp harvesting in the U.S., according to the Washington Post. …

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California:SB 676 -legalize hemp for industrial purposes only

Hemp.com does not know everything about this law but from what we have read so far it is a ‘no brainer’ to get this one passed. SB 676 was introduced on Friday, February 18th by state Senator Mark Leno. Senator Leno believes that hemp farming will help revitalize California’s economy. …

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Hemp.com Audio interview: John Shaw

John Shaw is probably the only Republican politician who has openly call for the legalization of ALL drugs. Hemp.com’s senior writer Josh Davis sits down with Florida state Senate candidate John Shaw to talk about why he narrowed his drug stance down to just a pro-hemp stance and if he …

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Hemp may have inadvertantly been on California ballot

We’ve all heard about prop 19 – California’s effort to decriminalize marijuana within the state – but did the ballot measure  have implications for industrial hemp that the writers didn’t necessarily intend? Proposition 19 proponents say the initiative’s language allowing local governments to permit cannabis cultivation – by definition – …

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Australia’s Hemp Industry Caught Up in Political Red Tape

Here is an article on the Effort to “Grow” the Hemp Industry in a North Eastern Australian Town. THE push to reignite struggling Monto (Queensland, Australia) by making it a key growing and processing centre for  Queensland’s emerging $10 million commercial hemp industry has been stalled by government red tape. …

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Author and hemp activist Jack Herer has died

Herer, pictured in 1996, was a longtime marijuana activist and the author of the landmark book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana." By 2004, it had been through 16 printings and published more than 600,000 copies

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Hemp History Week

Hemp.com wants you to support Hemp History week! Help get the word out about hemp! Hemp History Week “Hemp was an important crop for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and thousands of American farmers until it was outlawed completely in 1970 by the Controlled Substances Act. I know many farmers in …

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HEMP, what is it and why do I care?

There are many things we are taught as a kid and then, things we aren’t. I was taught nothing about hemp until a grateful dead concert at which I saw my first hemp jewlery. Needless to say I was unimpressed by the product that the hippy chick was selling outside …

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Cops slash research field of Industrial hemp

Of all the places you would think the cops wouldn’t make this mistake – the Netherlands? THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch police who mowed down what they thought were illicit marijuana plants were red-faced Thursday when it emerged they’d ruined a research group’s giant, officially sanctioned field of harmless hemp. …

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