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Senate Hemp Bill Introduced

The momentum builds and the ball is rolling towards the future for hemp in America! A round of applause for Senators from Oregon, Kentucky and Vermont! In a show of Bipartisan teamwork they have put forth a Senate bill that would finally exclude Industrial hemp from is Cousin Marijuana in …

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Tea Party for Hemp?

Can you feel the change happening… it’s coming and in a big way. I think this is the year that Hemp will finally be taken seriously – and it seems Kentucky is leading the way. Here is a great article written by Johnathon Miller, “the former two-term elected Kentucky State …

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Ron Paul: “Hemp is a Good Product”

Ron Paul believs Hemp is a good products and frankly, we agree!. Ron paul has been an ongoing vocal supporter of industrial hemp and hemp products. He is an advocate of bringing hemp farming back to our struggling farmers. With more people like Ron paul speaking out about industrial hemps …

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Hemp: Republicans to the Rescue!

Happy Hemp History Week! Hemp should be an all-American success story. The enormous value of hemp is that it can do just about everything… except get you high. But it is the identical twin of marijuana, and for that reason alone it’s illegal to grow hemp in this country. Sound …

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California: Hemp farming in California closer to reality with SB 676

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –The bill has the endorsement of the UFCW, the Imperial County Farm Bureau, California Certified Organic Growers and other leading farming organizations. Dan Rush, UFCW 5 Statewide Special Operations Director, stated, “UFCW enthusiastically supports SB 676 because we see it as a jobs and revenue generator at a …

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!Take Action for Industrial Hemp!

It’s time to take action People! Legalizing Industrial Hemp will not happen without the support of those who need it most. If you are reading this than you are probably 99.9% more knowledgeable about Industrial Hemp than your average citizen. America has gone through a Collective Amnesia when it comes …

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Ron Paul on Hemp History Week

Ron Paul addressed Congress on Hemp History Week Ron Paul continues to be an avid supporter of the relegalization of industrial hemp. Congressman Ron Paul entered this statement into the Congressional Record to commemorate Hemp History Week: “Madam Speaker, I rise to speak about Hemp History Week. To celebrate the …

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Hemp History Week

Hemp.com wants you to support Hemp History week! Help get the word out about hemp! Hemp History Week “Hemp was an important crop for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and thousands of American farmers until it was outlawed completely in 1970 by the Controlled Substances Act. I know many farmers in …

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News-You just have to love Ron Paul

This is an interesting take on a tabacco issue that turns to the core issues with HEMP.  Ron Paul is an avid hemp supporter and a very well spoken individual. Original posted at smallgovtimes.com Moving towards tobacco prohibition by Ron Paul Last week, another bill was passed and signed into law …

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