Hemp as a pollution monitor

Leave it to the no-nukes, clean-living New Zealanders to find another use for the world’s most useful plant:

Masters student Randall Gibson, who is doing a thesis on hemp cultivation, is taking samples from the plot planted in November to gauge nitrogen and phosphorous content. Hemp is known to be a good absorber of these pollutants.

Hemp is a new crop in New Zealand (it has been restricted like it has been here) and the Kiwis have wasted no time in experimenting with its potential.
Pollution monitor. Brilliant.
You can read the rest of the story here.
In other related Hemp news:

The arrival of Glamorgan county cricketer David Hemp on the domestic cricket scene has fuelled debate as to whether Bermudians should welcome him into the fold with open arms or reject him as an outsider.

Honestly, the only thing more annoying than getting news about a Cricket star named “David Hemp” whenever I Google “Hemp” would probably be when David Hemp Googles himself and gets all sorts of industrial Hemp news.
Just thinking out loud.

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