Hemp investment

This brief in the Ontario Business News should be front page news in every newspaper in the industrialized world:
Industrial hemp plant seeks financial backing
I hope some of our savvy Hemp.com readers see the investment opportunity here. To be a part owner in one of the few industrial hemp processing plants in the western world might turn a bit of a profit down the road.
Just a thought.

Dauphin is the hemp capital of Canada and it’s becoming known around the world as a reliable hemp source.

Who knew?

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2 thoughts on “Hemp investment”

  1. Funny thing about investing in hemp businesses is the mindset operating these venues practically ” turn off ” potential investors.
    In order to attract serious investment to any industry, there has to be a practical means to mitigate risks. Most important is the investment made in human capital…… let alone the physical asset.
    From my research, I find those quoting past ideology on how romans capitalized on it- que sera, sera- just isn’t enough of a compelling driver for anyone to even consider buying a share for .05 cents……. if a share was available.
    I’d love to listen to anyone who can convince me that a 100m investment in the hemp industry will somehow produce a verifiable ROI in any form other than a co-op based program.
    Seriously now, isn’t it easier for an investment banker to load up on metal stocks or emerging technologies where they’re in and out within 6 months and making 20-30% ROI without batting an eye lash?
    Just a thought folks…

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