Read it and weep

A new hemp processing plant has been built in southern Queensland.
Why isn’t this happening in the US?
That is all.
p.s. Seriously, what more can you say than “Why?”

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2 thoughts on “Read it and weep”

  1. Phil:
    Hemp products sell! The USA is the largest comsumer of hemp products in the world and we aren’t allowed to produce it in this country. Read it and weep. We are missing out on the ability to produce the product that we create the biggest dempnd for. Go figure.

  2. Hey Zak,
    Phil from Syracuse New York, fars as I know we have no laws for or against a Industrial Hemp plant in New York State . Myself , I have wondered what kind of poisonous waste would come from a factory like that ? Onieda Lake is already so polluted . To top it off , Hemp products have got to sell to make building a plant be a worthwhile Idea !

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