Buildings made out of hemp. It’s about time!

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Found this great read on the Lhoist Group in the UK. They have developed a building material made from hemp, water and lime that is seven times stronger than concrete.
“The versatile substance can be used for flooring, wall construction and roof insulation. Hempcrete is reportedly fireproof, waterproof, makes for a good insulate and doesn’t rot when used above ground. Manufacturers claim the material is 100 percent recyclable and can be used as fertilizer after demolition.”
Pretty awesome sounding stuff if you ask me. Take a look at their website!
Lhoist Group – Hemp products

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  1. Please note that Daniel Flahiff of who originally wrote the article claiming high strength for hemp concrete has retracted these statements and corrected his article. Here below is his own comment from the Inhabitat website which includes comment from the UK distributor for Lhoist Group’s Tradical® Hemcrete® construction product: –

    Hello all,

    My apologies for the strength statistics quoted in this article. My research indicated that the product was in fact 7X stronger than concrete, information reported by seemingly reputable sources, but it appears not to be the case. Here is an update from Ian Pritchett, Chairman and Technical Director of Lime Technology Limited:

    “Tradical® Hemcrete® is not a direct replacement for concrete. It is a bio-composite, thermal walling material (or other insulation material). Tradical® Hemcrete® is not stronger than concrete. In fact it is usually used in a non- structural way, along-side a structural timber frame. Tradical® Hemcrete® is about 15% the weight of concrete. The hemp in the Tradical® Hemcrete® does not deteriorate because it is preserved by the lime in the binder, but it is only used above ground with fully breathable finishes.

    Many thanks

    Mike Haynes
    Tradical® Product Manager
    Lhoist UK

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