HEMP, what is it and why do I care?

There are many things we are taught as a kid and then, things we aren’t. I was taught nothing about hemp until a grateful dead concert at which I saw my first hemp jewlery. Needless to say I was unimpressed by the product that the hippy chick was selling outside the concert. My ignorant life of cotton continued, oblivious to the historical importance and the lack of hemp products in the main stream. I am not going to turn this into a history lesson and rehash the history of hemp, rather, I am trying to understand what it would really take for our society to make a change such as allowing a crop that our countries founding fathers grew. We have farmers that would love to have a money making crop, especially one that is sustainable. At the same time we have a law enforcement agencies that use acronyms like “Operation HEMP,” which stands for “Help Eliminate Marijuana Planting.” when dealing with industrial hemps cousin marijuana. Marijuana as we all know DOES contain THC(psycoactive ingredient) and industrial Hemp only contains traces. This leads me to believe that by total guess (if you quote me your quoting a guess) over 90+ percent of the US population would tell you hemp will get you high and have no idea that it can be grown to make everything from plastics, health and beauty products to fuel. So, assuming I am wrong and only 75% of people have no idea what industrial hemp can be used for, what is their reasoning for keeping it illegal? Is it fear of change? Is it this lack of knowledge? Is it corporate america, afraid at all the products that would have new competition?
The answer is not an easy one, and this short blurb does not do the topic justice but the bottom line is simple.
Our earth cannot sustain our lifestyles using the resources we currently use and abuse. Hemp is an underutilized natural resource and would be a great stimulus for our farmers and economy. Just my 2 cents (and a guesstimate)

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