Executive order makes industrial hemp legal

Presidential Executive order makes industrial hemp legal

In an unprecedented step towards job creation, President Obama signed an Executive order that removes “industrial hemp” from the Marijuana Tax Act that was enacted in 1937. The old law prevented this highly valuable seed and fiber crop from being grown by farmers in the United States. The new law forces farmers to grow industrial hemp in at least 25% of their “farmable” land. This industrial hemp would spawn a new era of job creation at processing mills that would need to be created to process the raw fiber and seeds. The fiber would be turned into fabric for clothing and the seeds  would be turned into biodiesel and foods. Now, every farmer can grow hemp like the framers of this great country.
When the President was asked “Why now?
He replied “ Industrial hemp can fill a gap that no other commodity can, getting our farmers growing hemp will generate jobs in every sector of our economy. From the farmers to the processors, to the fabric makers, to the clothing companies and the seeds to fuel the trucks, create plastics, create composites and feed the nation. Hemp will impact all of us in a positive way and this is a perfect time. The new law does not address marijuana, but does recognize the value and importance of growing hemp. Thank you and happy April fools day

To this the crowd applauded and boarded a flight to Google, Kansas for a hemp planting ceremony.

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