‘Cannabinomics’ chips away at Hemp prohibition

Hemp leaves

We here at Hemp.com tend to stay away from the medical marijuana debate, but BoingBoing.net had an interesting post today about the economic tipping point being reached across med pot states.

With 15 states offering medical marijuana licenses to everyday Joes, and California mulling complete decriminalization of pot, the new economic reality seems to be ushering in the ability to rethink the US prohibition of pot’s non-psychoactive cousin – Hemp .

We haven’t read Cannabinomics yet, but we hope to get our hands on a copy soon.

From the website:

Cannabinomics is not a medical marijuana handbook, a treatise on the drug war, or an economic model, but rather a work of patient and public policy advocacy. This new book is a paradigm-buster that calls for a stakeholder-inclusive regulatory process to help America take ownership of a homegrown commodity and facilitate system learning that could help solve larger global drug war problems.

And here’s an interesting video interview with the author:

cannabinomics | home page.

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