Hemp Milk – When dairy just won’t do…

You don’t want to drink soy milk because you’re afraid of the genetically modified soy out there and the health consequences. Your allergic to almonds and coconuts but still want something “milk like”? What do you do?

Hemp Milk
Hemp milk may be your answer.
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Hemp milk just hit the shelves in 2007, and has been gaining popularity as a healthy alternative. Hemp is non-dairy, vegan and one of the best, quality sources of plant-based nutrition. Hemp has no known allergens. Hemp contains the EFA’s, Essential Fatty Acids (often called the good fats) Omega-3 and Omega-6 (with SDA and GLA, respectively) in the balanced 1:3 ratio nature intended. In fact, 92% of the fat content in Tempt Hempmilk is Omega EFA’s. EFAs are essential because our body cannot create them, yet needs them to function, and so we must get them from our food. EFA’s are required for energy production, brain development and function, skin health, and digestive efficiency.
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My family has been enjoying the hemp milk by Living Harvest. The Tempt Vanilla is my favorite as it is rich and creamy with a touch of sweetness. The vanilla is not too strong but not as subtle as some(which I love) “vanilla” flavored drinks. You really should try it!
Our kids love it! My wife and I love the health benefits that it provides for all of our family. You should try it and let us know what you think!

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