Body Shop Warned Hemp Ads “Not Acceptable” in Sweden

Authorities in Örebro, Sweden issued a warning to the Body Shop for promoting their line of hemp skin care products with the image of a hemp leave on the Ads.

According to Karin Wickberg Taylar, press spokesperson for The Body Shop Sweden, The Authorities, “argued that the use of the hemp leaf in the posters was offensive and provocative and that it undermined their work to tackle youth drug abuse.”.

Again – we try to report the fact here – but obviously we are pro Hemp Education. We belive that people are intelligent enough to understand the difference between Hemp and Marijuana if you give them to tools.

Ms. Wickberg also stated that “We are not going to discontinue our poster campaign because of this. This product has nothing to do with the drug and there is no rhyme nor reason to Örebro’s (Örebro’s municipality’s crime prevention unit) actions.”

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