Hemp cars back in the mix with new design

Design students at a Canadien University use hemp fiber in their electric car design to make a lightweight and durable car.  It isn’t until after they release the innovative design do they realize that the media is going to focus on the Hemp/Pot connection.

Oh well, one step closer to re-embracing Industrial Hemp.

Showing off McKeage’s unique design vision, the Kestrel is itself a pioneering project, given that its body’s structural material is made of hemp fiber.

“We never even really realized this car is made of pot until we began to receive so much attention from the media,” admitted McKeage.

Drawing its inspiration from the Greyhound, the Kestrel runs purely on electricity, and features a spacious four-passenger capacity. It hits zero to 60 km/h in seven seconds, topping a maximum speed of 139 km/h.

via canadian university press newswire.

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