Panama City Florida – It comes down To Hemp

District 6 State Senate hopefuls – David Abrams, Bill Montford and John Shaw (seen above) are talking about Hemp.

David Abrams and John Shaw both support the legalization of Industrial Hemp and what it can do for Florida’s economy while Bill Montford,

“a Democratic challenger who lists job creation as his primary platform, said he opposes legalization, “regardless of whether it’s a cash crop or not….We have other issues that need to be addressed,” Montford said. “Far, far more serious issues than talking about legalization of hemp”

Shaw says, ““Hemp is an excellent bio-fuel, and it grows within every single state in the United States,… This is a very sensible first step toward economic viability.”

Well, voters will have to decide…we just present the facts. Although it seems to me that if job creation is one of your key platform issues  you would want to look at all the possible options and opportunities. Like… oh I don’t know… Legalizing Industrial Hemp so farmers can make the choice to grow or not to grow and new businesses can utilize the crop for any number of possibilities.

See this link for more information.

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