!Take Action for Industrial Hemp!

It’s time to take action People!

Legalizing Industrial Hemp will not happen without the support of those who need it most. If you are reading this than you are probably 99.9% more knowledgeable about Industrial Hemp than your average citizen. America has gone through a Collective Amnesia when it comes to Industrial Hemp.

You are a Hemp Supporter! You know the benefits of Industrial Hemp for Society. You understand the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. You can name at least 3 things that can be made using Hemp that do not include bracelets, rope and tie-die shirts. (And if you can’t be our guest and take a look through our site to learn more.)

But as GI Joe says, “Knowing is ‘only’ half the Battle!” And we mustn’t stop at just half! Action wins wars my friends. Planned Strategic Action.

And yes we are at war. It’s a war of ignorance. A war for truth and understanding about what is good for us. Industrial Hemp is illegal to be grown in the United States and that is a sad thing.

I needn’t go on about Hemp’s Benefits – the entire Hemp.com site is dedicated to that purpose.

What I will go on about it taking action!

Here is what you can do to help the cause – to Help Legalize Industrial Hemp for US Farmers

1. Write to your congressman about H.R. 1866! The Industrial Hemp Farming Bill of 2009 –

But Josh, you say, I don’t know what that is and I don’t know how to contact my congressmen…I didn’t even know I had a congressman. Well my friends I have made that easy for you – and unless you Live in DC (taxation without representation – sorry Washingtonians) you do not have an excuse cause this will take you literally 5 minutes.

***All you have to do is click this linkhttp://capwiz.com/votehemp/issues/bills/?bill=13077531

This link will take you to VoteHemp.com site. And there you can put in your zip code and have a prewritten letter all ready for you to email to your Congressmen urging him or her to be a Co-Sponsor of the Bill that will allow American Farmers the Right to Grow Industrial Hemp.

2. Become a resource for Hemp Information – Read up on Industrial Hemp and its many uses. Send us your comments on how we can help you become more knowledgeable about Hemp. Amaze your friends at dinner parties when you say – “Uh, did you know that you can make Plastic from Hemp?!”

3. Become an advocate – Make a pledge to tell at least 5 people a week that should visit HEMP.COM and read up on the benefits of Hemp.

Together we can help spread the word about utilizing this amazing plant and how it can benefit our Society!

Hemp On!!!

Josh – Senior Editor, Hemp.com

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