Hemp may have inadvertantly been on California ballot

Hemp in CaliforniaWe’ve all heard about prop 19 – California’s effort to decriminalize marijuana within the state – but did the ballot measure  have implications for industrial hemp that the writers didn’t necessarily intend?

Proposition 19 proponents say the initiative’s language allowing local governments to permit cannabis cultivation – by definition – includes both marijuana and hemp.

But the measure variously inspires or infuriates hemp advocates, who are waging arguments over whether it will help or hinder efforts to lift a U.S. ban on hemp cultivation.

Any legislation that opens the doors to launching Industrial Hemp in the US is good news to us.  The legal marijuana issue muddies the waters, but we have faith that those who care will be able to see the distinction between the two crops.

Read the whole story here: via Hemp may piggyback to legality on Prop. 19 – Marijuana – sacbee.com.

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  1. Is hemp in good plantation ,shorten the harvest time than
    wood which is the major construction materials, will it be
    legal to grow in USA in the future as building materials
    with good insulation,fire water proof ? I would like to see it in the future.
    Thank you.
    Eddie King

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