Prop 19 – Was it Good For Hemp?

If you have been following the news about Prop 19, the initiative to make marijuana legal in the state of California, (and taxable) then you know it did not pass. Although it would have been interesting to say the least if Prop 19 had passed- we can without a doubt say that growing hemp for industrial purposes would still be illegal.

Prop 19, with all its good intentions, did not mention Industrial Hemp, meaning once again – marijuana’s non-drug cousin,  full of protein, useful fiber and oil would continue to be as illegal for farmers to grow as it would be for your next door neighbors to have a meth lab in their basement.

Santa Cruz-based Michael Jolson is circulating a ballot measure that would legalize hemp cultivation in California for the 2012 election cycle – which Prop. 19 did not do — but he has limited resources. Still, “Prop 19 catapulted a debate on legalization of cannabis in California throughout the world,” Jolson said, “and Jack’s Herer’s California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative 2012 seeks to re-legalize cannabis hemp — 100 percent –once and for all!”

But the question remains: Would legalizing marijuana help or hurt the Industrial Hemp Movement?

Here is an article from Oct 30th, 2010 which asks that very same question. Interestingly enough,  many hemp supporters do not support the legalization of Marijuana.

What do you think?

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