Hemp.com letter to President Obama

industrial hemp being grown for seeds

Hemp is growing in the minds of researchers, scientists and businesses.

It is and will continue to be an ever growing and important part of the world economy and I promise that you will hear more and more that countries are turning to hemp to help them with environmental and technological needs.

Bio-Fuel, Paper, Injection Molded Plastics, Food, Construction Materials, Bio-Composites, Textiles – all can be made utilizing the hemp plant.

So why is it illegal to grow hemp? Because it is considered marijuana by the DEA.

First let me address this issue:

  • Hemp is not marijuana. It is in the same family, but it is not Marijuana.
  • The THC content (the active drug in Marijuana) of hemp is less than 1% while marijuana plants typically have 10-30% THC. The content in hemp makes it useless as a drug.
  • You cannot hide marijuana plants in a hemp field as the DEA and law enforcement officials would have you believe.  The hemp will pollinate the marijuana and lower the THC content, rendering it useless as a drug.

The Federal Government must understand and concur that hemp is NOT a drug and cannot be used as a drug

We do not need to live blindly behind ignorance any longer.

Here are just a few facts about Hemp and its place in our economy.

  • Hemp is a sustainable resource.
  • It requires no pesticides or herbicides that lead to poisoning our waters and soil.
  • It feeds nutrients back to the earth so farmers can grow other crops on their land and reap higher yields.
  • The seeds of the industrial hemp plant contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids as well as a highly digestible protein that the body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • The oil from hemp seeds can be converted into a Bio-Fuel that can be used to power engines.
  • One acre of hemp is equal to three acres of cotton and is four times more water absorbent and has three times the tensile strength of cotton.
  • Because of its high cellulose content hemp can be made into injection molded plastics as well as a material similar to Fiber-Glass.
  • Many small business owners, such as Splaff’s Cliff Drill are turning to hemp to create their products as teh market for environmentally friendly supior products is growing in demand.
  • The Fiber material is one of the strongest naturally occurring materials known to man. It is currently being used in the automobile industry to create the body for cars.
  • BMW and Mercedes are using hemp plastics in their high-end vehicles.
  • A concrete made from a mixture of hemp and lime has been used recently to build the first hemp house in Asheville, NC. The “hempcrete” has amazing thermal properties and the homeowner, the former Mayor of Asheville, has spent less than $100 a month on energy bills over the 2010 summer for a 3400 sq ft house.
  • The inside of the hemp plant, the hurd, can be used as a highly absorbent animal bedding for horses, poultry and livestock. It can decompose twice as fast as current products when thrown away.

Literally thousands of products can be made using the hemp plant!

And yet it is illegal for US farmers to grow this plant!

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10 thoughts on “Hemp.com letter to President Obama”

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly and wish we could band together and get the word out to every American so we can overcome all of the lies that have been put out there. We here in Idaho should be growing Hemp and enjoying all of the benefits it could bring to us. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your letter is indeed a work of art! Thank you so much for writing it, and expressing yourself so well. Industrial Hemp has so many non-toxic answers for our health and our economy. I will continue to share this. I hope you print it out on hemp paper so that this wonderful letter survives the tests of time.

    Hemp Hemp Hooray!

  3. Hey Josh, very good letter, I only found one mistake, a b missing up by the fiber and about car bodies…in being. You should have this set up like the National Protection Agency does, they have you put in your information and then it gets sent to the person responsible, in this case each person can send it on to the President so it floods his in box with them.

  4. Just freaking Awesome Josh!
    Sent it out to all of our members at the Michigan Industrial Hemp Education and Marketing Project.
    I did the Vote Hemp action a couple of weeks ago.
    Got a reply from my Senator today.
    Same response I have been getting for years.
    “will keep your views in mind” bla bla bla.
    I’m sure you know the drill.
    Doesn’t mean we should stop trying though.
    If we do nothing that is what we get in return… nothing.

  5. Sir

    I commend you for your vision and courage in promoting the benefits of the hemp plant. I sincerely hope that people, not governments, become aware of the benefits of hemp and take back their right to grow this plant.

    All the best to you


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